From the set up of the archaeological excavation and the identityto ad campaign for a reconstructed villageof the Bronze Age in the Po Plain
"Terramara" was the name that the farmers of the XIX century gave to some amount of very black soil they found in the Po Plain. They were so rich in organic materials that they use that ground as compost to improve the fields.The Archaeologists discover that Terramara were the rest of bronze age settlements and they started to excavate them, finding a lot of things, like vessels, rest of food, and weapons like swords and daggers.
In 2003 the Open Air Museum and Archaeological Park of the Terramara of Montale was open to public, and it' possible to visit the Excavation Site and a re-constructed part of the bronze age village, with houses, furnitures, oven. The Museum organizes laboratories and re-enactement for LIVING HISTORY
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Excavation Stratigraphy scale 1:1 and the Historical Map Poster of Europe in the Bronze Age
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